Jasper 3 – Book review

I received this fabulous review of my new book ‘The Solar Trial’ from Narayan Radhakrishnan in Trivandrum, India. I have to share it with you. Thanks Narayan!!

Two years back I read a superb debut comic album – an album which reminded me of the good ol’ days when Asterix and Tintin ruled the world; an era where I was on the lookout for the latest Superman/ Batman/ Spiderman comic…an era where a phrase graphic novel was unheard of. There has been no Tintin album in the last 32 years and Asterix comes once in every five years or so- and nostalgia loomed large when I got hold of Lost in Skookum Valley. Mildly put, I was enthralled by this new work and subsequently I also read the second in the series- Secrets of the Petroglyph.
But then there was an eerie silence. Was this a flash in a pan success? Would there be no more Jasper albums- and it was at that juncture I got hold of the third book in the series- The Solar Trial.
The Lovetts- Glen and Kay, have worked really hard in keeping safe the trust their fans have reposed in them. And this time- they take us to Australia- yup mate- Jasper the Husky is now Down Under along with his owner Ruby. The work starts with Ruby addressing a group of school students- fans of Jasper- (yeah, they have read “Lost in Skookum Valley” and “Secrets of the Petroglyph”!!!) when they are interrupted by a spaceship like looking car. The driver of the car is Ruby’s cousin Banjo- who is hard at work developing a racing car that can run on solar energy. The success of this experiment depends on a 3000 km race from Darwin to Adelaide….and this experiment would revolutionize the auto industry. But there are bad guys hell-bent on seeing that Banjo doesn’t succeed- I won’t reveal the reasons- read the album and find it out. How Ruby and Jasper help Banjo get over his troubles form the plot of the work.
The stylish yet nostalgic- feel artwork is the major highlight of the work. I particularly liked a dream sequence- a dream that Jasper sees- a fantasy sequence- reminiscent of the Sinbad the sailor stories or those from the Arabian Nights. Not since the heydays of Tintin have I read an album which gives equal importance to the story and the artwork. This is one great work- an album which has to be bought and read- a perfect gift for youngsters between ages 6 and 96. Loved the book….when is the movie going to be released???

Jasper 3 – ‘hot off the press’ !

Very happy to say I’ll be picking up the first batch of ‘The Solar Trial’ books from the printer this week! Many thanks to Deb Wilson, Larry Hildebrand and Tim Smith for their excellent editing / proof-reading skills! Of course, BIG HEAPS THANKS to my awesome Kay for the many many hours she spent helping me, from creating all the final talk bubbles and boxes linework in Illustrator, to adding all the text and assembling the book for the printer. Plus, many thanks to Larry Moss for his expert help with our jaspercomics website.

And thank you to family, friends and Jasper supporters that helped me to finish this book by generously contributing to my  Indiegogo campaign, back in Nov 2013 !






Meet the cast of The Solar Trial

Hi Jasper readers, I thought you might like a sneak peek at the cast lineup for Jasper’s ‘down-under’ adventure, while I work on finishing the last 2 pages and finalising the cover design.

Banjo panel

Banjo : Ruby’s Aussie cousin and my humble ‘tip of the hat’ to Herge’s Tintin.

Banjo's team

Robbo, Baz and Jo : Banjo’s engineering team mates

Jean and Ben panel

Jean and her son Ben : Jean and family, owners of Murra Murra cattle station.

Indigo panel

Indigo : Ben’s blue heeler cattle dog.

Sunny panel

Sunny : Banjo’s obnoxious race competitor.

Dee Jones and camerman

Dee Jones: Reporter and Mike:  Camerman.

Boss panelBoss and BJ

Boss : SuperOil executive. (Never found out his name, everyone just calls him Boss.)

Truckers panel

Dirk and Cisco : Thugs for hire

THE SOLAR TRIAL : Coming soon, like REAL soon!…REALLY !!…



Jasper 3 update…

All’s going well with the linework and colour of The Solar Trial ! The end is in sight as I work on page 45 with just 3 more pages to go!  I have the final design for the cover completed as well as the title page and the story blurb for the back cover, see below.

Ruby visits her Australian cousin Banjo, an engineering student who has entered his revolutionary new solar car in the Solar Trial, a 3,000km solar electric car race through the Australian outback. Banjo and Ruby are hijacked mid-race and it’s up to Jasper to track them down, encountering colourful and dangerous Aussie characters along the way.







Racing through the outback

Jasper and Ruby are racing through the Aussie outback chasing bad guys right now! Meanwhile back in Canada, I’m inking and colouring as fast as I can to finish this book by sometime in February next year, if all goes well. Cheers! G

Click on images to enlarge

J3 panels pg36

J3 panel 4 ruff pg36J3 panel 4 col pg36


Jasper deleted scenes

When it comes to laying out a Jasper book, I sometimes have to edit out action sequences and gags so the story will fit comfortably into the 48 page format. Here is a sequence I had to trim from Jasper 1 – Lost in Skookum Valley. ( Ruby’s probably pretty glad she didn’t have to shiver through the rest of the story in soaking wet clothes! )

Click on images to enlarge.

J1 Ruff pg 37 J1 Ruff pg 38

I was originally planning to start Jasper 2 -Secrets of the Petroglyph with Ruby training Jasper on her bike. This sequence is based on real adventures I had biking our dogs! They pulled me off the trail into the bush chasing squirrels more than once!

J2 Ruff pg 01

Kids + Therapy dogs + Jasper comics = Cool!

Roger Clark from Colorado, whom I mentioned in my previous post, recently forwarded this wonderful email plus several photos that he received from a friend of his that owns 4 gorgeous Huskies.

“I brought Glen Lovett’s books to the school this past Wednesday, here are a few pictures I took of the kids reading to Eir (therapy dog). Deborah is on the left, Jennifer Jossi their teacher in the middle and Ty on the right. ”   Beth Williams

IMG_0098 IMG_0095

The team , left to right: Rowdy(Therapy Dog), Godfrey, Scout and Eir (Therapy Dog)


Cool story! Thanks Roger and Beth for passing this on to me.



Original Jasper Art now available

Roger Clark, a US based collector and seller of comic art is now representing my work with a selection of original pages from my two ‘Adventures of Jasper’ comic albums. With each signed 11″ X 17″ pencil original page artwork the buyer also receives signed         13″ X 19″ prints of the black & white linework art and the finished colour page. Check out the selected Jasper pages and all the other great comic art Roger is representing at




Six Husky Howl

Check out this short youtube clip of our four Huskies ( plus two dogs that belonged to our neighbour ) enjoying a big howl together back in 2002. Miss these guys!