Banjo’s Monaro

In ‘The Solar Trial’, Ruby, Jasper and Banjo race his 1968 Holden Monaro, converted to solar electric drive. So what the heck’s a Monaro anyway? It is an Aussie classic and was advertised as ‘Australia’s First Sports Car’! Sort of GM Australia’s answer to the super successful ’65 Ford Mustang in America. When I was writing Solar Trial, I was wondering what vehicle Banjo should drive in the story, one of those fancy space-age looking solar cars they race in the real World Solar Challenge, or something different? Then a friend found an original sales brochure for the 68 Monaro at a car show swap meet here in Victoria, BC Canada! Bingo! I loved the idea of combining solar EV technology into a famous Aussie classic car. So that’s how it came to be Banjo’s ride.

Check out this fun and very cheesy TV ad for the Monaro!

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Monaro 2


Back in the late 70’s, my very first car was a 1966 Rover 2000 that was previously owned by my Dad. Almost 4 decades later I’m driving a 1966 Ford Mustang! What can I say? I’m stuck in the 60’s !!


I often take our husky Jenna with me when cruising around Victoria in the Stang ..oh…and Kay too of course!

Keep the rubber side down! G