Jasper 3 – Book review

I received this fabulous review of my new book ‘The Solar Trial’ from Narayan Radhakrishnan in Trivandrum, India. I have to share it with you. Thanks Narayan!!

Two years back I read a superb debut comic album – an album which reminded me of the good ol’ days when Asterix and Tintin ruled the world; an era where I was on the lookout for the latest Superman/ Batman/ Spiderman comic…an era where a phrase graphic novel was unheard of. There has been no Tintin album in the last 32 years and Asterix comes once in every five years or so- and nostalgia loomed large when I got hold of Lost in Skookum Valley. Mildly put, I was enthralled by this new work and subsequently I also read the second in the series- Secrets of the Petroglyph.
But then there was an eerie silence. Was this a flash in a pan success? Would there be no more Jasper albums- and it was at that juncture I got hold of the third book in the series- The Solar Trial.
The Lovetts- Glen and Kay, have worked really hard in keeping safe the trust their fans have reposed in them. And this time- they take us to Australia- yup mate- Jasper the Husky is now Down Under along with his owner Ruby. The work starts with Ruby addressing a group of school students- fans of Jasper- (yeah, they have read “Lost in Skookum Valley” and “Secrets of the Petroglyph”!!!) when they are interrupted by a spaceship like looking car. The driver of the car is Ruby’s cousin Banjo- who is hard at work developing a racing car that can run on solar energy. The success of this experiment depends on a 3000 km race from Darwin to Adelaide….and this experiment would revolutionize the auto industry. But there are bad guys hell-bent on seeing that Banjo doesn’t succeed- I won’t reveal the reasons- read the album and find it out. How Ruby and Jasper help Banjo get over his troubles form the plot of the work.
The stylish yet nostalgic- feel artwork is the major highlight of the work. I particularly liked a dream sequence- a dream that Jasper sees- a fantasy sequence- reminiscent of the Sinbad the sailor stories or those from the Arabian Nights. Not since the heydays of Tintin have I read an album which gives equal importance to the story and the artwork. This is one great work- an album which has to be bought and read- a perfect gift for youngsters between ages 6 and 96. Loved the book….when is the movie going to be released???