Meet the cast of The Solar Trial

Hi Jasper readers, I thought you might like a sneak peek at the cast lineup for Jasper’s ‘down-under’ adventure, while I work on finishing the last 2 pages and finalising the cover design.

Banjo panel

Banjo : Ruby’s Aussie cousin and my humble ‘tip of the hat’ to Herge’s Tintin.

Banjo's team

Robbo, Baz and Jo : Banjo’s engineering team mates

Jean and Ben panel

Jean and her son Ben : Jean and family, owners of Murra Murra cattle station.

Indigo panel

Indigo : Ben’s blue heeler cattle dog.

Sunny panel

Sunny : Banjo’s obnoxious race competitor.

Dee Jones and camerman

Dee Jones: Reporter and Mike:  Camerman.

Boss panelBoss and BJ

Boss : SuperOil executive. (Never found out his name, everyone just calls him Boss.)

Truckers panel

Dirk and Cisco : Thugs for hire

THE SOLAR TRIAL : Coming soon, like REAL soon!…REALLY !!…