Jasper 3 update…

All’s going well with the linework and colour of The Solar Trial ! The end is in sight as I work on page 45 with just 3 more pages to go!  I have the final design for the cover completed as well as the title page and the story blurb for the back cover, see below.

Ruby visits her Australian cousin Banjo, an engineering student who has entered his revolutionary new solar car in the Solar Trial, a 3,000km solar electric car race through the Australian outback. Banjo and Ruby are hijacked mid-race and it’s up to Jasper to track them down, encountering colourful and dangerous Aussie characters along the way.







Racing through the outback

Jasper and Ruby are racing through the Aussie outback chasing bad guys right now! Meanwhile back in Canada, I’m inking and colouring as fast as I can to finish this book by sometime in February next year, if all goes well. Cheers! G

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J3 panels pg36

J3 panel 4 ruff pg36J3 panel 4 col pg36