Jasper deleted scenes

When it comes to laying out a Jasper book, I sometimes have to edit out action sequences and gags so the story will fit comfortably into the 48 page format. Here is a sequence I had to trim from Jasper 1 – Lost in Skookum Valley. ( Ruby’s probably pretty glad she didn’t have to shiver through the rest of the story in soaking wet clothes! )

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J1 Ruff pg 37 J1 Ruff pg 38

I was originally planning to start Jasper 2 -Secrets of the Petroglyph with Ruby training Jasper on her bike. This sequence is based on real adventures I had biking our dogs! They pulled me off the trail into the bush chasing squirrels more than once!

J2 Ruff pg 01

Kids + Therapy dogs + Jasper comics = Cool!

Roger Clark from Colorado, whom I mentioned in my previous post, recently forwarded this wonderful email plus several photos that he received from a friend of his that owns 4 gorgeous Huskies.

“I brought Glen Lovett’s books to the school this past Wednesday, here are a few pictures I took of the kids reading to Eir (therapy dog). Deborah is on the left, Jennifer Jossi their teacher in the middle and Ty on the right. ”   Beth Williams

IMG_0098 IMG_0095

The team , left to right: Rowdy(Therapy Dog), Godfrey, Scout and Eir (Therapy Dog)


Cool story! Thanks Roger and Beth for passing this on to me.