Jasper’s dreams

I often wonder what dogs are dreaming. I love it when they’re sound asleep with legs twitching and making funny woofy noises. They look to me like they’re having fun chasing stuff. But I wonder if they have nightmares too? They must. Most probably of being chased by big scary animals or even worse, not being allowed on the couch! I enjoy adding a short Jasper dream sequence in the books in black and white ( as dogs don’t see colour like we do apparently ). I recently finished colouring Jasper’s ‘dreamtime’ dream in book 3  but decided I had to use the nice earthy colours typical of Australian Aboriginal art. Here are the dreams from book 1 and 2 and the first panel of Jasper’s dream in book 3.

J1_41 J2_01L.pdf Jasper dream 3

Cartoon Mural project

Here are some photos of a 4′ X 14′ mural we recently installed at The Stick Coffee House here in Sooke. It was a fun job and took Kay and I just over 100 hours to complete. Some of the people in the picture are caricatures of actual staff and customers at The Stick. And of course, I had to insert Jasper into the picture.G and mural Mural close up 1 Mural close up 2 Mural installed