The real dogs that inspired the Jasper comic.

I got the idea to create the Adventures of Jasper comic sometime back in 1994/95 when Kay and I had our first two Siberian Huskies named Jasper and Ruby. I like those names obviously and decided to use them for the heroes of my books. I didn’t start working seriously on the first book ‘Lost in Skookum Valley’ until around 1997/98. By then we had our 3rd Husky named Grizzly. The cartoon Jasper is based on a combination of the real Jasper and Grizz. Jasper was a goofy, fun-loving dog that loved everyone, especially kids. Grizzly was a tough mucho guy, mischevious escape artist and extremely loyal. Here’s a photo of Kay with our original team on one of our first dog sledding adventures here on Vancouver Island.

Jasper close upJasper

Grizzly Close up Grizzly  Jasper logo colour

K and team

Kay with Jasper, Ruby and lead dog Grizz at Copper Canyon, 1998.