Using my outback photos in ‘Solar Trial’.

Here are a few photos from my drive around Australia back in 1986. With my animation buddy Neil McCann, we logged 20,000 kms in under 5 weeks!!…in my trusty Holden Kingswood panel van. ( What can I say, we were ’20-somethings’ back then ! ). Here are some samples of how I’ve been using my photos in Jasper’s ‘down-under’ adventure. Enjoy!

1 Hungry joey Anything to eat in here Mum?2 J3 Postcard 3 Baobab Tree N.T. Baobab tree, Northern Territory4 J3_Baobab Tree 5 Victoria Hwy N.T. Victoria Hwy, N.T.6 J3 Desert Hwy 7 The Mighty Kingswood The trusty Kingswood8 J3 Kingswood Ute